A Python implementation of Ant FileSet and Globs.



Formic is about finding files, fast.

Formic uses globs. Match any character with ?, any word with * or any subdirectory at any level with **.

For complex queries, use one or more include globs to locate files, then refine the search with excludes. For example find all source files with src/**/*.py and then exclude all files used for testing using test*.

FileSets are optimized working on all includes and excludes simultaneously so searching for specific files is fast even in deeply nested directory trees


Install Formic in seconds using easy_install or pip.

You can use Formic from the command-line - see the Usage guide.

Formic can also be used from within another Python program using the FileSet class.

Formic is open source released under GPLv3.

Problems? Please email the maintainer or raise an issue. We'll try to help as quickly as possible.


We'd love to have you join the project!

Formic development is hosted on BitBucket.

You can view the source code from our Mercurial DVCS. Download instructions are included at the link.

For more information or to get more involved, please email the developers.